Welcome to the “Traveller By Birth”

Hello there! I am Hiral Pandya, rhymes with India and that’s where I am from as well. A dentist by profession and a traveller by passion. Lover of maps, magnets collector, an amateur photographer, an eggetarian/adventurer foodie and most importantly a well-planned wanderer. I do go vagabond but I also play safe. 


Traveller By Birth

Story Behind The Name

When I say I am a traveller by birth, the credit goes to my lovely parents and the blood running in my arteries. I come from a family where everyone believes in constant learning through travelling and reading. The curiosity never ended and therefore, inherited in me. My dad never showed his tiredness after coming home from work and he always took us (my elder sister & I) to different places and my mom always supported his decisions. The four of us have almost travelled everywhere together. We had our first abroad trip when I was 11 years old. Now when I am 28, we have lavishly explored 22 countries so far and still counting. My parents worked real hard and now I think its my turn and that’s why I am working towards my dream of exploring all the other countries along with my family. 



Why the blog?

I have been sharing my travel pictures through Instagram & Facebook since they started, but I was constantly thinking about my those travel experiences I had even before the camera mobile phones were invented and about those pictures that were taken with the film roll cameras. How can I share them with the world? I cannot have a #throwback on every Thursday. And that’s why I thought it was about time I start writing a travel blog. Also, travelling for me is a complete different experience apart from relaxation and just having fun. I personally think that just showing your travel pictures is only going to make people jealous and I don’t want that. I want to be able to spread happiness and peace and show everyone what I have learnt during my journeys, through my stories and experiences. 

Traveller By Birth


traveller by birth 

I am not a travel blogger only because I love travelling, but also because I was born to be one. Thanks to my parents, I started travelling way before I knew how big the world is and that is the only reason that made me such an affirmative and accepting person as I am today. I love sharing my travel tales, tips and pictures and bring positive change into people’s perspective and I want to inspire and work towards resolving global issues and play my part into en-kindling peace and humanity. The only way this is possible is to make people come out of their comfort zones and travel, which I plan to do through my blog. So here it is. The adventure begins.

Hope you enjoy my website. Leave comments, follow me anywhere you want and share the love. 🙂