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how to become a traveller from a tourist

Welcome to my first blog post and a step-wise article on how to become a traveller from a tourist.

The willingness to walk that one extra mile to explore something new and beautiful comes from within. If you don’t want someone else to tell you what to see, where to eat and when to sleep, go independent travelling. I know that fear of getting lost in an unknown city is terrible but that exactly is the point and when you get the grip on yourself, that fear becomes fun.

Here are some very simple steps that I have created to help anyone become a traveller from a tourist:


Firstly, fix a destination for yourself. Start off with a city is advisable. Book your stay very near to the city centre or downtown area. Trust me that is where the maximum fun is happening.

Before you fly there, google up and make a list of all those places you want to see or else you are not leaving the city. Most important is that those places should be based on your interests. Don’t include something just because it is famous. You are not going there to get bored, is it? A little homework is necessary before you take off.


Now your biggest concern is to how to get around the city? There comes the main part which will distinguish yourself from a tourist to a traveller.

The public transport can be both, easy and tricky depending upon how wide the city is.

Once you reach there, grab a city map and some other useful brochures which are easily available at the airports, railway stations or even at your hotel info desks. Get your list of places out and please don’t make yourself restricted only to that list. Never say no to extra toppings that come your way. Now, what are maps for? If you are not very good with paper maps, use google maps. Check out how far is each place from your hotel/stay. Depending on how many days are you staying there, plan a route accordingly. For example, check out how I planned this one – 48 hours in Oslo.


travel planning



Get up and leave before max 10 and walk. Walk like there is no other means of transport.

You will amaze yourself as you will see 10 other beautiful things before reaching to your first point of interest. If you are planning to check out 5 POI per day, you will stumble upon 50 plus. I am sure you will be tempted to get on that red gleaming hop-on hop-off bus, but then how will you find out the culture of the city. However, if you are not willing to walk too much or having shortage of time, read my other post on “Tips to use hop-on hop-off bus as a traveller”.

You don’t always need a local friend to show you around, you can observe and educate yourself. Talk to random friendly people and ask a random question about the city while walking. You can also check out free city walking tours to get yourself acknowledged with some history, if you like. As you are wandering, check out local restaurants and bakeries and get your hands on some yum delicacies. This is how you become a traveller from a tourist, when you decide things for yourself.


walk and explore


You cannot do all this in a tourist bus unless you are planning to make friends from different countries.

Walking is, I think, the best way to check out a city and if any place you want to see is far-off, you can hop on a public bus, tram or train. You can also buy a one day pass and explore all far away places in that day itself.

Tips to remember:

  • The walking rule might not apply to every city as some countries are way too vast so do your homework beforehand if you are a newbie traveller. But I suggest at least start or end your day with some walking. It will change your perspective towards travelling when you will see same human traits that you see everyday but in foreigners and that is when you will realise that our world is one and we all are same, no matter the language or the colour of skin. Trust me when I say, travelling is the best form of education one can receive.
  • Also, as far as travelling tips are concerned, you can find an endless list on the internet. I can give you so many of them myself, but right now I want to give you the 9 dumbest travel tips that you will ever hear, no matter whatever reason you are travelling for. Read them to avoid making mistakes.
  • If reading this, has already put you on your feet, then the next thing you will need to do is packing. This is another stuff you really need to do well before you start travelling, since you don’t want to miss major things at home or carry unnecessary stuff all the way, so here is a nice sorted out article for you to help you in packing.

This is just an initial step on how to become a traveller from a tourist, but let me tell you, you only need a little accelerator which this post might give you. If you do this once, then there is no stopping and you can explore the world on your own.

That’s all for this post.

Happy Wandering!

And please feel free to post your comments, views and questions, if any. Also, don’t forget to react and share 🙂



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4 thoughts on “How to become a traveller from a tourist?

  1. This is one of the most frequently discussed topics for sure, that what separates a tourist from a traveller. I feel, the traits of being either a tourist or a traveller, compliment each other. At different points during the journey of travelling, everyone keeps oscillating between being a tourism and traveler, probably because of the destination, limitation of choice, or budget restrictions even.

  2. I agree- I think the best way to explore the city is on foot. Then you can really appreciate the city at your own pace, without being herded like cattle on a tour bus.

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