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Must do's in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Before you go ahead and read my list of must do’s in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, let me say few lines about Gamla Stan.

Gamla Stan:

One of my most favourite old town in the whole world. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the buildings and cobbled streets and enchanted by the spooky stories at the same time. It surely took away a big piece of my heart.

I stayed in a hostel in Gamla Stan and all I did is walked through it morning and evening. Since I loved walking and taking pictures over there, I never ever took the main road and always took a detour through Gamla Stan. Even though I was walking on the same streets, every time I discovered a unique door or a statue.

Okay! So before I get enchanted again, let me start with my list of must do’s in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Drink Hot Chocolate: 

It is not just a regular hot chocolate, but a hot chocolate at CHOKLADKOPPEN at the famous Stortorget. Stortorget is the biggest public square of the old town where all the good and bad things have happened in the history. One terrible massacre happened here, but I won’t talk about it right now since we are talking about chocolate. Yet, I am starting to think that many love lost love found kind of stories might also have happened here. Anyway, so there are two beautiful orange and red iconic buildings here at this square. The ground level of both of which comprises of hot chocolate and coffee shops. Many people might go for coffee, but for me, chocolate comes first. Hence, I picked Chokladkoppen, and ordered a hot chocolate, a chocolate cake, lemon muffin and an open veggie sandwich.

Must Do's in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Must Do's in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

When I am at such a posh place, I like to call myself a gourmet over a foodie. Trust me, I am a die hard chocolate fan and I always experiment with my tasting buds whether I am at Ghirardelli Square or at the Lindt Cafe (that makes the whole world around).

Hence, drinking this hot chocolate at Chokladkoppen stands at #1 in my list of must do’s in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Chokladkoppen is a small cozy cafe where you might have to move people to sit yourself in the middle seats. But that’s okay, anything for hot chocolate right? When its windy outside and everyone is just having their warm drinks in such a snugly cafe sitting not very far from each other, gives you a feeling of love and humanity which is truly incredible. Just even to experience that feeling, go have a hot chocolate here which is equally mind-blowing. Grow some Swedish culture in yourself and have your “Fika” moment. The thick liquid sloshes in your mouth, awakens the sleeping nerves of your brain, channels its warmth towards your throat and energizes you to take over the world.

Visit antique shops:

Old town will have antique shops, but Gamla Stan has some uniquely themed antique shops and that’s why it takes a place in my list of must do’s in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Like the one I saw was filled with old copper and aluminium vessels. This reminded me of that Harry Potter’s Gringotts bank scene where the vessels doubled, quadrupled and filled the whole room. Antiques are just beautiful to admire or even buy. Some shops have really beautiful miniature wooden furniture. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture there since I got busy scrutinizing them. So when you wander around Gamla Stan, do have a look at those amazing antiques and don’t forget to take pictures.

Must Do's in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Must Do's in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Take pictures of doors:

It is admirable how they have preserved the whole look of the old town by not changing the facade even a little bit. Though they have obviously secured the doors with modern equipped locks.

Those vintage, colour scraped-off, doors takes you back in time and makes you wonder who might be living inside then and now.

I could imagine a merchant’s wife wearing a vintage gown waving good bye to his husband who is probably going to another town for business. I can also imagine that smell of freshly baked loaf coming out from that door.

A person can go far beyond in its imagination. Anyway, cutting story short, there are are some very beautiful looking vintage doors around Gamla Stam that you should be taking pictures of. Here’s my collection of such pictures.

Go Belgian:

A very famous Belgian dessert of waffles topped with scoops of ice-cream, fresh fruits and chocolate coated waffle wafer is available in almost every street of Gamla Stan. Those little parlours decorated with life-sized cones and huge tubs of Nutella have some kind of magnetic power that will automatically pull you inside. Next thing you know is that you are drooling and ordering yourself a dessert.

It is a Belgium thing but you ought to try in Gamla Stan. The ice-cream flavours are super fresh and delicious; and the perfectly made waffles are crunchy and delight in the mouth. That’s why it is included in my list of must do’s in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. You will know it after having it.


In every nooks and crannies of Gamla Stan, you will find some usual and some weird looking statues. Some of them are associated with very strange stories. Not only statues, but also streets, squares and figurines. If you love history and stories, you will want to immerse yourself in all kinds of spooky, ghostly and mythical tales. Ask any local about it, find a book or google it.

Luckily, I got my hands on a wonderful little hand book on stories of Gamla Stan. I used to read it at night and tried discovering the statues and streets related to the stories during the day. They are really very interesting. Head over to my special story collection blog post to find out about fascinating facts and magical myths of Gamla Stan.

So, yes, this was my list of must do’s in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. What is your favourite thing to do in Gamla Stan? I, definitely, would love to know and make a list for my next visit. Let me know in the comments below, and also please react and share if you liked my post.

🌷 Happy Wandering! 🌷



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4 thoughts on “Must Do’s in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

  1. Wow this place looks so amazing!! I’d never heard of this place before but it looks magical and is now at the top of my city break list. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 Yes, there are quite a many Indian restaurants over there. One particular I liked was this place called “Hermitage”. They have a buffet of lunch/dinner. Everything vegetarian in global cuisine.

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