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White Desert Festival Rann Utsav

As we bid adieu to the last rains of the season and start welcoming the soft pink chills, Gujarat – a western Indian state, prepares for the White Desert Festival called Rann Utsav.

About Rann Utsav:

Rann Utsav, literally meaning Desert Festival, is both a white and a colourful festival. White because of the desert and colourful because of the culture.

White desert situated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, known as the Great Rann of Kutch, is a salt flat desert and is completely white and beautiful till the horizon.

When to go:

Celebration of this festival happens, every year, starting from November till February. People all over from India and across the globe come over to experience the richness of the region.

Where to Stay:

There are fully equipped tents in the desert to stay or you can also stay at a hotel in Bhuj, the nearest big city.

Rann Utsav

What to see:

Kutch region is loaded with culture. People here are engaged in creating various embroideries and colouring the clothes with different patterns. Each and every village has its own identity and people of that village are experts in those talents. Sadly, with young generations migrating to the cities, the talent is dwindling and very few people are left with the craftsmanship.

In 2013, Government of Gujarat started this festival as a platform to showcase such talents and to create awareness across the world about such wonderful creations occurring in this part of India.

At Rann Utsav, you will find a cultural market exhibiting the local products and makings, and the whole white desert to yourself to delight in one of the best sunrise and sunset scenery.

I had great fun experiencing the festival myself in December 2014. We took a carpet along and sat on the built – pavement to catch the sight of the sunset which was simply stunning and phenomenal. Later at night we spent time at the arts and crafts market and brought home some gorgeous jewellery and ethnic wear.

Rann Utsav

Experience of another travel blogger, Supriya:

What? You don’t believe me? Let’s hear what Supriya Bhardwaj of Traxplorers have to say about the White Desert Festival – Rann Utsav:

” We are family travellers and have explored many beautiful places of India with our toddler ‘Karen’. In the month of December, we visited Great Rann of Kutch (White Desert) during ‘Rann Utsav 2017’. It was a wonderful experience for us as we visited the white desert on the night of ‘Super Full Moon’.

The white desert looked splendid in moonlight and we felt like on moon itself. How we felt there is unable to put in words. Also, no camera could capture the beauty of this place. Some places are meant to be explored in person. It was the beauty of white desert which made us to visit this place again in the next morning to witness spectacular sunrise.

The art & craft exhibition as well cultural experience of Kutch in the Rann Utsav added more delight and made our visit memorable to this wonderful place. “

Supriya captured the beauty in some stunning shots (Below). Do follow her journey on Instagram.

Stunning, right? What do you think?

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🎊 Happy Festivities! 🎊


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2 thoughts on “White Desert Festival – Rann Utsav

  1. Hi Hiral, I love rural festivals. You and Supriya have done a great job describing the festival and my favorite part – rural embroidery through pictures. Reminds me of our visit to the villages in Rajasthan’s Thar desert.

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