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My Liebster Award Nomination

A big big thanks to Tasha of Tasha’s Oyster for nominating my blog for the Liebster award. I feel super thrilled that my hard work paid off, my blog got recognized and I received my Liebster Award nomination.

My Liebster Award Nomination

About Liebster Award:

It is purely an online award given by the bloggers to the bloggers. A gesture of recognition and appreciation towards the up and coming blogs that provides a platform for the bloggers to network and connect with other bloggers. Liebster is a German word meaning “dearest” and this award was first given in 2011. Read more about the rules for this award at –

About Tasha:

She strongly believes that this world is our oyster. A teacher from England, passionate about wildlife, a mountain lover; wants to inspire others to travel around the world through her blog. Don’t forget to check out her blog as she writes about wildlife, nature and sustainable travel. Her love for wildlife is so inspiring that she volunteers for the conservation of it every year.

About my blog “Traveller By Birth”:

As my blog name suggests, I started ‘travelling’ way before I even understood that word. Thanks to my passionate parents for introducing me to the wonderful outdoor world during my early age. I like telling my travel stories in such a way that makes people want to visit that place right away. Since, I think I have a good traveller’s instinct, I created this blog so that I can record my own travels and also be able to give great guidance, along with making a difference through my travel stories.

Answering Tasha’s questions:

Breaking news, all travel between countries are going to be banned but everyone is allowed one last trip. Where will you go and why?

Then I will go to Iceland. I have been wanting to see the Northern Lights since ages and my eyes are craving to see the waterfalls and all that beautiful nature that Iceland has to offer.

In what ways do you reduce your plastic usage whilst travelling?

I always prefer carrying my own refill bottle so that I don’t have to buy any plastic bottles. Also, recently I have bought some stainless steel straws so that I can use them instead of plastic ones. Another thing that I always keep in my purse is a spoon so that I can refuse to use plastic spoon given at ice-cream stalls or other such shops.

If you could see any animal in the wild, what would it be?

Brown bears with their cubs

Which do you prefer: the mountains or the city?

Tough to choose but if I have to pick one then, I think city. I love walking in the city, exploring the streets, watching people around and observing human traits.

If you could choose one cuisine to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Without a doubt, Italian! I can eat any authentic pasta dish all my life. It is my favourite since I visited Italy when I was 13.

What is the most adventurous activity you have ever done abroad?

I would say my whole trip to Scandinavian countries with my family was a very adventurous one. Not because we did some kind of sports there but the way we did that trip starting from booking it last minute to doing it completely on our own. We didn’t know how were we going to travel between countries, where were we going to stay and what were we going to see and do, but we figured it out one day at a time and went with the flow. That trip is and will be one of my most memorable one, ever.

What books have inspired you to travel?

I have been travelling since my age was of reading comic books. So I wouldn’t say that books have inspired me to travel, but yes some have surely made me add places in my bucket list. One of them is “Forgive Me” by Lesley Pearse, in which the author describes the girl doing a road trip from London to the Scottish Highlands, staying in the cottages in small towns on the way. That is one thing I really want to do and experience myself.

Which ‘Friends’ character are you most similar to and why?

I haven’t watched “Friends” as much, only few random episodes, but I took a test on the internet just for fun and it said I resemble “Phoebe”.

Some people travel for history, some travel for hiking, beaches, food, wildlife or luxury. What do you travel for and why?

Everything. I’m interested in various stuff altogether. I like history, old towns, hiking, mountains, chocolates. Every place is distinctively different from each other and I like to experience them in a whole manner rather than focusing on only one interest.

What is the most spectacular view you have ever seen?

So many of them, can’t pick one. But still to answer the question, I’ll say the one that I saw recently, was at the lake in Rangeley, Maine in USA. Totally breathtaking!

What’s your favourite social media platform to promote your blog on and why?

Pinterest. Works best to promote my blog. The pins last forever. Several people view or repin the pins repeatedly so even when I’m travelling and don’t have enough time to promote, it will still get traffic to my blog.

I further nominate following wonderful blogs for the Liebster Award:

Her Business Travel by Khushbu Pandya

Wander With PandaLove by Linda Ho

Gypsy Soul by Marutha Vinayagam

Herb Hoodiny by Hubert

My questions for the nominated bloggers:

  1. Which is the strangest food that you have ever tasted during your travels?
  2. If you get a chance to marry/renew your vows with your life partner with a different cultural style other than yours, then which one would you pick? And why?
  3. Which is that one game that you loved to play when you were little?
  4. Tell me about your one festival or ritual or a family tradition that you would love to explain to the world.
  5. What is the most interesting piece of art that you have seen?
  6. Which is the habit of other people that annoys you the most?
  7. Which is the one app from your phone that you use the most and one that you use the least?
  8. From all of your blog posts, which is the one that you will send in for the nomination for “Most Beautifully Written & Presented Blog Post” award?
  9. If you are told to paint your town/city in one colour, which colour would you choose?
  10. Which naturally occurring rock formation is the one that amazes you?
  11. In your opinion, which flight etiquette, you think, every person should follow?

That’s all, folks! Reading your answers to these questions will be so much fun. I am already very excited.

And you, my dear readers, can congratulate me for the award in the comments section below. 😉

See you until my next blog post.

⭐ Safe travels! ⭐

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