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museum of sex nyc

My friend and I were simply strolling through the streets looking for something exciting to do next, after we were done visiting all the famous attractions and museums of New York City. It was totally unplanned and we have no idea how we ended up at 27th street. There, in front of us, stood that museum, which we read about in the list of city attractions but didn’t care to include it in our “things to do in New York” list. THAT was, Museum Of Sex in NYC.

Museum of sex nyc

Ground Floor:

We looked at each other and decided to walk in. It has three floors. The ground floor was totally harmless. We made few shameless jokes and took pictures, in between some socks and souvenirs with cheeky statements, a lip sofa, how to lose your virginity kit, and colourful restraints. Then, it was time for level one. After all, we bought a ticket for the museum so exploring all the floors was must, even if we had to do it with our eyes closed.

museum of sex nyc

Turning Point:

Then the moment of truth began. To be very honest, I don’t remember what was what in which floors. All I remember is we were rushing, avoiding, quickly reading the descriptions of toys, paintings and statues that were showcased. Starting from the history, there were videos of threesome, different positions and different animals having sex. The videos made me sick. I am not a person who enjoys pornography so walking through all the floors was only a swift scan.


At the end of all those nasty stuff, there was something more disgusting. Behind the glass walls, there were two naked silicon figurines, one of male and other of female human. The glass wall in front of the male figure had one hole and that of female figure had two holes to put the hand inside and feel the sexual parts of the figures. We stood in the corner to observe those figures. I must say, they were quite detailed. Nobody was touching them, at least, at that point of time. I wondered how adventurous would be the washroom of the Museum of Sex in NYC. Would it have witnessed any sneak-ins or manual artwork in there? 🙄

Without wasting a single minute, we grabbed our damaged decency and walked out of the museum.

Sex is the basic want of every human being and it is a purest form of unison between two individuals. Making fun of it to an extent that it becomes outrageous is not appropriate, in my point of view.

We still crack up each time we remember our visit to the Museum of Sex in NYC. We have also saved the tickets as a memoir of our madness. No, we don’t regret the decision because what is travelling if not mixed with craziness.

Hope you enjoyed reading my funny travel episode. Do react, share and/or comment below to let me know your views on this.

See you later! 😇


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24 thoughts on “That One Time at the Museum Of Sex in NYC

  1. Jeez, I am laughing so hard. Though it wasn’t your best experience, it truly was “an experience to have.” I have been to the one in Amsterdam. I find 90% of the things in them stupid or hilarious.

  2. This is not somewhere I would list to visit in New York but I would probably do the same and go in if I came across it. Now that I know about I’m intrigued to go and have a peek myself!

  3. This was indeed a different experience of travelling. Its something you try once and you probably wouldn’t want to again. 🙂

    1. Oh of course! Sex isn’t disgusting, it’s a beautiful expression of love, but insensitive exhibits are disgusting. If you’ll visit, you’ll understand what I mean to say.

  4. The museum of sex sounds really peculiar but interesting at the same time. I did hear about it before but it was really interesting to learn about it in more details. Thank you for this informative article.

  5. This is quite interesting and unique place I would say. I am sure this museum is for some fun moments. Can totally relate your feeling about this place though. Bit kinky!

  6. well, now this is definitely not going to be on our to do list when travelling, as we’re having the kids with us and honestly I find most of the suff just silly and a big ? rises a lot. But I am sue it must have been a fun experience. 🙂

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