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things you must do for your country after the pandemic is over

We all are going through the same crucial time right now. The pandemic has taken a toll on our life. Many people’s life has turned upside down. Those on daily wages are suffering from scarcity of food. They had to seek help from the government. Needy and poor people are in an unimaginable situation. Local businesses have come into a standstill. Things all around us have become so hard and scary that many of us have started questioning the future. BUT we have to be hopeful. Hope is the only way we will overcome this situation and get through the silver lining. And we will. We all will get through this. Together. I want to share few ways on how we can achieve that, some things that we must do for our country after the pandemic is over.

things you must do for your country after the pandemic is over

So after all this is over, our role as responsible citizens will come into play and we have to act accordingly. We have to help and lift our country and our fellow countrymen.

After the pandemic is over, we will have to work on stabilizing our lives and the lives of people around us and our country. This basically applies to each and every country but as an Indian, I will talk in the context of India. So if you are from another country, then simply replace the word India with your own country name.

Here is a list of things you must do for your country after the pandemic is over.

1. Take vacations in your own country

take vacations in your own country

Travel in India itself. There is an endless list of tourist places in India. And our tourism industry will need us. Ticket counter people, tourist guides, taxi drivers, bus drivers, people selling food and newspapers at the railway stations, platform cleaners, cleaners at the attraction sites, local tourist agencies, and it will go on and on and on. Your one journey will help many people feed their families. Your one trip will bring food to many of such people’s table.

2. Stay at local hotels, hostels or homestays

stay at local hotels

Next is when you are travelling, try and make an effort to stay at local and independent hotels, hostels or homestays. Those hotels have to pay their whole staff and they are totally relying on tourists for that. So that is how we can support them. Leave the five star hotels for celebrities and businessmen. In my opinion, they won’t run out of business very easily but the people with local hotel business will, if the travellers like us won’t support them.

3. Eat at local restaurants

eat at local restaurants

This applies to both times when you are at home and also when you are travelling. Don’t forget that these restaurants were completely out of businesses during the lock down. And until the crisis ends, I think, we all also will be tired of eating home cooked food. So, for a change, we can eat out and give business to the local restaurants.

4. Buy from local farmer’s market and small grocery shops

buy from local farmers market and small grocery shops

Very few small grocery shops linked with medical stores, remained open during the lock down, but the only grocery stores were closed. They were not able to sell anything during the pandemic. Also, half of the items in their stores will be gone out of expiry date which is going to be another loss for them. You can shop some of your stuff from big supermarkets, if you want, but it won’t hurt to shop few products from the small grocery shops as well.

Help people of your respective towns and cities and be compassionate towards them.

5. Buy products manufactured in your own country

buy products manufactured in india

Try as much as you can to buy the products that are manufactured in India. This will help our economy as well. You have to look at the bigger picture here. Even if you are buying things online, make sure you support the Indian companies. During the pandemic, many of the companies and factories were closed down. The economy plummeted and daily wages workers were left with no jobs. Hence, it becomes important that we all work towards bringing our economy up. Choose wisely what you buy and choose to buy products that are manufactured in your own country. Show some patriotism. It is not going to damage your reputation.

6. Buy things from local artisans and local businesses

support local artisans and business

Purchase stuff like clothes, shoes, stationery, household items, home furnishings, hardware, books, etc. from the local shops in your city. Also, look for those online businesses that sell handmade and hand crafted items. Since some of them only have an online store, we need to watch out for them as well.

Basically, I am telling you to buy those things and avail those services which are local and from India (or your country) only. This is how we need to support our country when the pandemic and all of this crucial time is over. Do what you have to do, only CHOOSE LOCAL. This should be your mantra.

Together we all have to pass through these difficult times but after that don’t become selfish and go on your own way. Look after the people around you. And let us all rise and shine together.


You can also watch me talking about the same stuff in this video. Help me spread the message.

And if you really agree with me then do share this article as much as you can. Also, let me know your feelings in the comment section below. Stay safe, everyone.




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