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A day in Providence City of Rhode Island

New England is one beautiful face of America and totally unique. We started our ultimate New England Road Trip from Connecticut and Rhode Island came next. Initially, we were only going to pass through Rhode Island without stopping, but after reaching Providence, we changed our mind. We spent a day in Providence city of Rhode Island and let me tell you what all we saw and did here.

Rhode Island State House

We arrived here in the evening and the first thing that attracted us was the Providence Place Mall. So, we thought of checking out the mall, but before that we came across this white building. It was the Rhode Island State House building and it looked so gorgeous in the fading light of the day. Also, the cool breeze made it a “Picture Perfect” moment.

A day in Providence City of Rhode Island

Providence Place Mall

Later we went to the Providence Place Mall. It was about to close so we shopped nothing as such. Although from the glass windows on the top floor, we got to gorge on the breathtaking views of the waterfront and the skyscrapers just before the nightfall.

Federal Hill

A day in Providence City of Rhode IslandNext morning, we headed to Federal Hill and had delicious breakfast at the Seven Stars Bakery. Driving around the Federal Hill neighbourhood felt like all of a sudden we time travelled to the 19th century. Or may be it felt like that because our car radio was playing Beethoven at that time. Somehow, that short drive gave me vintage vibes.

Downtown Providence

Next, we parked the car somewhere at the Downtown Providence and started wandering. Exploring streets on foot is one of my favorites to do while travelling. While doing that, what I look for the most is murals and street arts. Here, I found plenty of them.

De Pasquale Square

Then we went in the search of De Pasquale Square, which comprises of the Italian American Community. It is a great spot to hang out with a fountain in the middle surrounded by Italian restaurants. Funnily, the locals had different opinion and many people, whom we asked the directions to it, said that the place is not that extra ordinary and why were we even looking for it. But I found it to be a really cool location.

Was the square really not that special? Or is it that human virtue that we do not really appreciate what is near and easily available to us? It always surprises me how travelling makes me think philosophically deeper.

A day in Providence City of Rhode Island

By this time, it was almost afternoon, so we bid adieu to Rhode Island and said hello to Massachusetts as we road tripped through Cape Cod.

What do you think about spending a day in Providence city of Rhode Island? Isn’t it a fun and vibrant city one would love to explore?

Let me know in the comments below and do react and share the article.

🌈See you with my Cape Cod post next week. 🌈


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