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New Hampshire road trip

After Boston in Massachusetts, next state to explore on our ultimate New England road trip was New Hampshire. We decided to take a free day because the storm was right behind us. Hence, we only drove till Seabrook where we spent the night. Importantly, we had to wait for the storm to pass, so we could begin our New Hampshire road trip.

Pizza at Seabrook

The locals recommended us to try out the original and oldest pizza joints near the Seabrook beach – Cristaldi’s and Tripoli. We tried them both. As much as they looked almost same, the taste of the tomato base sauce was completely different. One was more authentic and another had a tint of sweetness in it. If you are reading this and deciding to try it out then you have to try them both to see which one is your favourite. Mine was Cristaldi’s. That evening was complete with some hot pizza and cool breeze from the storm.

Stay at Seabrook

After relishing the yumminess, we started looking for a hotel to stay. Our whole New England road trip was very spontaneous one. We only searched for hotels in the evening and that landed us to have some amazing and some scary hotel searching experiences. Seabrook and Hampton Beaches are very popular destinations during the summer, so it would be better to have a hotel booked beforehand. Ours wasn’t, and we paid extra for a last minute room at Seabrooke Inn.

Seabrook Beach

Next day, two unfortunate things happened.

One, we had a beach day and the storm did not subside. Even worse, the intensity increased and it started raining continuously.

Second, my phone broke.

Nevertheless, the show must go on and we were determined to continue our excursion. Therefore we began our New Hampshire road trip that had to end in Maine, on that very day.

First stop was Seabrook Beach. Although both Seabrook and Hampton beaches are next to each other, Seabrook is a private beach for villa residents and Hampton is a public beach. The locals told us that Seabrook is worth going if we get a chance, so we stopped by one of the occupied villa and requested the lady who lived there to let us spend some time at the beach. She was very sweet and humble that she agreed and even allowed us to park our car by the villa.

By that time, the rain had shown mercy upon us. It went from hard drizzle to soft sprinkle. But the sea water was extremely cold. Yet we dipped our feet and fancied a little at this private beach with no one around. I would never be able to forget that day, mostly because I was phone-less. This made me appreciate each and every second, without having to think about taking pictures or putting stories on Instagram. My family was doing that for me and I only used my camera to click few pictures for the blog, of course.

Hampton Beach

We didn’t want to take more advantage of that nice lady. So we went back to the car, shortly, and hit the Hampton Beach next. Till then, it had stopped raining and the whole aura was like having a party on the clouds. Breathtaking beach on one side with the boardwalk, and arcades and cute candy shops on the other side of the road. Hampton beach was lively and not much crowded on that day. Music coming out of the arcades, families having picnics and every face over there was wearing a smile. Or may be I saw it that way, because that pleasant atmosphere was making my soul cheerful.

After parking the car, we spent some time at the beach and took a stroll at the boardwalk. Being a dessert lover, I was attracted to a shop called Sweet Hannah’s, where I had some chocolate truffles. Eventually, we resumed our coastal crossing scenic drive of New Hampshire road trip.

New Hampshire Coastal Scenic Route

This coastal drive (map below) offers unforgettable ocean views. Every now and then, we halted to inhale the salty breeze and admire the 180 degrees of appealing aqua with diamond drops of sunlight on it. We also had some home cooked food from a friend in Boston, which we had for lunch somewhere on the ocean boulevard, sitting on top of an inverted boat.


Since New Hampshire is a tax-free state, we took a break at “The Crossings” mall to buy myself a new phone. Later, we continued our road trip in Maine. After entering which, the road goes through some gorgeous coastal towns with ports. But that I will talk about next week.

Here I conclude my New Hampshire road trip blog. Do let me know if you liked the article in the comments and don’t forget to react and share.

 Happy Road Tripping


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