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scenic drive from new hampshire to maine

This would be explaining one day of our ultimate New England road trip, where we did this breathtakingly beautiful scenic drive from New Hampshire to Maine. Although the whole New England road trip was scenic all the way as we coursed through the small towns, away from the freeway.

But this day was different. Do you remember the classic scene of a romantic movie? Where the actress is looking out of the window, hair flowing in the wind, smiling and dreaming about meeting the love of her life? I was exactly like that all day. Only difference is, the love of my life was right in front of me, which is nature. Wandering on the winding road, every turning of which presented a view to cherish all my life.

New Hampshire

The journey began from Seabrook Beach in New Hampshire. Head over to my previous article where I describe all the things I did on the New Hampshire leg of this trip.

We chose to stay on the coastal side of New Hampshire. While crossing the whole state of New Hampshire, the ocean remained on my right. Every now and then, we made stops to admire the views and bask in the sea infused scenes in our eyes, mind and heart for forever.


The scenic coastal route of New Hampshire goes this way.


After a small break at Portsmouth, we entered the state of Maine. Then again, in 10 minutes, we stopped at the Kittery outlet Centre for sometime. We had already done the coastal drive, hence we took a state highway which passed through some gorgeous little coastal towns of Maine. If you are a sea food lover, then you HAVE to stop at one of these towns to devour in the deliciousness.

scenic drive from new hampshire to maine


We were dazzled with Ogunquit in a jiffy and decided to recess there for an early dinner. But first, we took a stroll in this charming town and explored a bit. It had cute shops and even cuter restaurants. This particular restaurant called Rose Cove, adorned with fairy lights and pink flowers, attracted us inside like a magnet. We took an outdoor seating table which had its own mini bonfire. I ordered fettuccine alfredo and my friend savored some coconut shrimp.

Rose Cove, Ogunquit



Route through the coastal towns after entering Maine from New Hampshire

This beautiful day ended in Portland with a good night’s sleep.

I have to tell you, this specific day was, indeed, very special to me. Because, on the previous day, my phone broke. Therefore, I was completely without phone, on this day. My hands were free, neck straight and mind focused on the beauty that was in front of me. Of course, I bought a new phone later, as life without technology is impossible. And, for a travel blogger, where each and every place visited is supposed to be recorded, it is a necessity. Yet, I extremely adored this day and it was almost like vacationing when I was little. Only having a ball, nothing else to worry about.

Enjoyed reading about my wonderful scenic drive from New Hampshire to Maine? Then do let me know what you think and don’t forget to react and share.

 Have a safe drive!


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